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Monday, January 27, 2014

New Release: 2013 All-Japan Team Women's Volleyball

 Late last year, a pack-based set featuring the members of Japan's women's volleyball team hit the stores. It's proven to be quite popular, and sets are still being sold at 2000 yen each (about $20).
 Each player has multiple cards in the base set, plus insert cards. The images are pretty interesting, as far as volleyball goes, and high quality.
 The player's name appears in kanji (Chinese characters) and romanji (US-style alphabet) on the front, along with a full-bleed photo and a logo. Backs have another photo and the card number.
The base set has 69 cards, with an RG prefix. A 15-card insert set with silver foil on the front and a double-fronted box privilege set of 7 cards was also inserted into packs. The big draw would be the autographs, although I can't find any information on them right now. The set was released by Produce, which also makes the (Sports Graphic) Number player sets, though the fronts of the cards carry "Tezuka Productions" copyrights. If I can get a base set at a much lower price I'll pick it up, but for now a couple samples are enough for my collection.