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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Package Grande from Nachos Grande!

In exchange for a team set of Sega CardGen cards (MLB cards sold here in Japan, and licensed through Topps), Chris over at Nachos Grande did me a solid and helped me with some cards for my type collection! Awesomeness in an envelope! I think this was pretty early in 2013.
Topps Archives! Black bordered cards never scan well. I'm on the fence about whether I'd like to actually have the whole set.
 The gold versions scan much easier!
 3D doesn't look so good when scanned. And when my scanner chops off a tiny piece of Upton's arm.
 Ichiro! In Deckle!
 These floating head cards are almost cool. Almost. I know the idea is to be true to the original, but wouldn't it be fun if there was a cartoon sketch there instead?
 2012 Allen & Ginter minis! This set is somewhat interesting.
 The Culinary Curiosities set was originally on my want list, but then the food wasn't as curious as I expected.
 Is there's a corgi in this set? (I could just look at the checklist.) I have a friend who loves his corgi.
 Nice Job. I say that at work a lot.
 I like classical music, so this set is right up my alley.And the best design yet.
 Giants of the Deep has a pretty cool design too, but I'm just not crazy about animals.
 Mini Maris.
 Mini Latos.
 Mini Volquez.
 Large Rizzo.
 I always collect the Sketches sets, since I love artwork on cards.
 I don't like this design - card-on-a-card doesn't appeal to me, especially when it's from the same set. If they had just used the image instead of the whole card I might like it a little more.
 Historical sets are usually on my want list!
I don't listen to hip hop.
 I don't get into the whole crack the code thing that Ginter does.
 Architecture! I do get into that! I've been there, too.
I love Gypsy Queen! I do a mini master set every year now.
 Another Ginter card with a Ginter card on it. Grr. Just remove the Ginter card aspect and leave the image!
 Again! Just leave the images on the sides and I would totally collect this box loader set.
 Speaking of box loaders, the coolest Allen & Ginter set ever is the Roller Coasters box loader set.
Chris was able to send me four of the five cards in the set; I had another copy of one of them for the type collection and I got the last card through COMC.

It's always nice to trade with Mr. Grande to pick up some fun insert cards! Thanks for the trade and your patience, Chris!

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