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Friday, January 24, 2014

Only two years late: 2012 Kellogg's US Olympic Team Set

The Sochi Olympics will be upon us soon. There isn't much I'm interested in there - figure skating is kind of beautiful and some of the skiing events are impressive. Of course, ice hockey is fun to watch but I'm not really a big follower.

But the summer games offer more. And I'm all about sets commemorating competing members of the sports. The US team got a full treatment from Topps, but Kellogg's also got in on the fun with an eight-card set of former and current Olympic stars from the land of stars and stripes.
 Anyone remember her on that Nickelodeon game show Figure It Out?
Yeah, me neither.
 Wieber was a big name during the London Olympics.

 I have to be honest, I don't think I really watched the Beijing Olympics. But I found this:
Not only did Kellogg's make cards, they also made commercials.
Kerri Walsh has been a big name for quite some time. As the card says, she's been quite successful.
 Another sponsorship.
 I don't follow the athletics events either.
But that is an amazing thing. Especially when there are lots of puddles outside and you want to keep your shoes dry.
 Ping pong is an Olympic sport. But baseball is not.
And don't tell me baseball isn't a world-wide sport. It's played in most if not all countries in North and Central America, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and several European countries. I wonder if it's played in Africa. Is curling, golf, beach volleyball, handball, and rugby? Do they bring in spectators like baseball events do?
 I don't know anything about paralympic events. This will help.
While I don't follow soccer either, someday I might actually get to a game. I'd say soccer is the number two professional sport in Japan behind baseball.

The cards were found on cereal boxes and have a natural color back with some black print. They're pretty cheap if you look even slightly hard enough, for now - or at least they were last year. They aren't the most awesome cards in the world but I don't care. Cards on or in food product packaging are welcome at any time!


  1. I know that baseball is played in South Africa... It's probably something of a "cult sport" there, but they had a team in the early rounds of the World Baseball Classic, and Pirates minor leaguer Gift Ngoepe is from South Africa.

    I'm fine with Baseball not being an Olympic sport. To me, the Olympic are about giving the spotlight to sports that don't always get much attention... like Curling. I enjoy watching Curling, but I generally only get to watch it on TV every 4 years.

    If it makes you feel any better, I would think that Cricket has at least as big an international following as baseball, and it's not an Olympic sport either.

  2. I like seeing less-common sports. But basketball, ice hockey, and soccer are all in the Olympics. And I would rather they have a sport that can consistently bring in some revenue to allow them to continue carrying (and add to) the rarer sports. When the Olympics came to Atlanta, I went to four events - three of those were baseball games. If I'm still in Tokyo when the Olympics come here, there aren't many sports I'm willing to pay for, but I do want to support them...