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Monday, January 6, 2014

New Release: 2013 BBM Rookie Edition Premium

BBM's annual premium Rookie Edition issue is released in boxed set form, containing the full set plus two special cards. It came out a couple months ago but I'm just now getting caught up on posts.

There are 36 regular cards (three per team), plus one "Golden Crop" subset card per team, for a total of 48 cards in the base set.

There appear to be 28 pairs of autographed cards, with horizontal and vertical orientations for each player. Usually the vertical orientations are rarer, except for some players with only five copies of the horizontal cards.

Nine memorabilia cards were issued, and four dual-player relic cards as well. As usual, BBM is using jerseys or undershirts.

Photo cards return as always; 36 cards are numbered to 75 copies each. There are also film cards of all 36 players.

Finally, there is a 12-card Visionary insert set, with one card per team.

All the base cards can be seen below, as well as the checklist. I don't have any of the special cards right now.

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