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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not Quite Cards: More Oddball Japanese Finds

While wandering around Ueno, I came across a store selling lots of toys and masks. I browsed through the toys and came across some baseball items that aren't exactly cards, but are welcome in my collection!
 First, a set of four large cards, each with four facsimile autographs on it. The backs all have game boards. I don't know who an of the signatures are and I haven't tried to figure it out, though I suppose if I did I could narrow it down to a time period... and that's assuming they're real players from NPB. Each card is about A4 sized.
 I also found some milk caps. Again, I don't know anything about them. Some feature NPB team characters while others are .. well, I don't know. There are probably other teams and characters I didn't get in my random bag. Then again, I did get three of the same Dragons cap.
 The last item I picked up from the store was a cardboard die.

It came flat, but when assembled it's a square box which can be used for rock/scissors/paper (janken), a die, or possibly with the game boards above.

 Isn't this cute? This is part of a set of stickers. It's from an anime called Dokidoki Precure. I've never seen it. Apparently this is Ransu (Rance), a spoiled triplet bear (thanks Wikipedia).
 The backs are all pink. Certainly a girl's thing.
 Two of them come in each little pack. This is one of the main characters. She's an alien, according to Wikipedia.
Again with pink backs. I won this pack; I didn't pay for it. I've never really seen any real anime in Japan, though I think I might enjoy at least one of them, given that my favorite TV shows are cartoons like Futurama, South Park, and Family Guy.
Speaking of pop culture, this isn't a card and I didn't get it in Japan. This is a CD booklet signed by Avril Lavigne, and yes, it's real. I'm so excited to have this as she is one of my favorite artists. I already have an autograph of Ben Folds (met him after a concert, and he and his band members recognized me from the show), so as far as music goes I'm pretty happy - I can't think of who else I'd really want autographs of and could possibly get.

Okay, all my trade packages are here, and I've been scanning them all. Expect all of last year's trades to be posted over the next couple of weeks! That should keep me busy.

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