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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Long Time Ago, In A Draft Far Away...

Forever ago, Wes over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk did a trade bait draft - one of two I participated in last year. I got a bunch of great cards for my type collection, set building, and my awards collection. Here are the cards I won:
 Burger King has great spicy chicken snacks here, for only 100 yen (about $1).
 "Hey, Rich, can you look off to the side like we don't exist? Great. Don't smile in 3, 2, 1..."
 Die cut cards are awesome. I like pretty much anything die-cut.
 Manny has a twin? Scary thought...
 Well, at the end of the 2011 season, Pineda was a future star. And then, he became a Yankee. And hasn't really existed since.
 In his free time, Amaury practices his levitation skills with small objects.
 Goforth and conquer!
 Shawn Sonnier never saw MLB service, playing for seven seasons and reaching AAA.
 Sweep low, chop low, swing low.
 Mr. Presley never made it out of A-level ball, but he sure has some creepy eyes. (Yes, the scan is messed up giving him a strange eye in the head-shot). I wonder if he's the same Kirk Presley that is now an attorney.
 Triple Play had its own version of Diamond Kings called Gallery of Stars.
I scored a purple Score!
 I scored a green Score!
 From A to Zoilo.
I'll finish with this large-sized team issue of Vernon Law - team issues are always welcome here!

Thanks for doing the trade bait draft so long ago! Maybe someone else will have a cool draft again soon that I can get into... but take note: I like oddballs!


  1. Nice eclectic haul! I remember going to the game back in 1988 to get the Huntsville Stars set. Several players from that set made it to the majors, though most of them only briefly. I've actually got a small Kirk Presley collection going, but I still don't know much about him. Since he's from Tupelo, we're probably distantly related (like 8th cousins or something). One of these days I really need to make an effort to swing a trade with Wes. We probably live with in 10 miles of each other.

  2. IIRC Kirk Presley was something like a third cousin of Elvis Presley. Does that mean you're related to Elvis too, Jason?

    The thing that's always struck me about that 1972 Dick Allen card is that he's wearing a Phillies uniform even though he hadn't been a Phillie for two years.

    That may be the first "Royal Rookies" card I've ever seen that I didn't completely hate the look of. I used to refer to their "Throwback" cards as either "Throwout" or "Throwup" cards. Maybe they got better after I stopped collecting minor league cards.

  3. Interesting fact, Elvis gets his surname from his grandmother, who never married. In generically traditional circumstances, he wouldn't be Elvis Presley at all. Either way, yes, we are related. we're both descended from the same German immigrant who arrived in New York in the mid-1700s. My line from one son, Elvis' (and presumably Kirk's) line from another.

    1. Depending on whether they are descended from the German Preßler/Breßler or English Priestley, I could also be related to Jim Presley, Alex Presley, Josh Pressley and Ryan Pressly.

  4. After being a teacher for so long in the US and now in Japan, I've essentially stopped associating names with celebrities. Once you see so many names even the less-common names become common. But it's cool to say I know someone related to Elvis now! Not that I'll be boasting about it...

    I don't care for most Signature Rookies product, and I agree that their "throwback" style was quite unattractive. Mainly because they just played with the white balance and used a stencil font which both ruined the card. At least Topps bothers to turn the photo sepia instead of just washing it out.