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Monday, May 30, 2016

Charlie Hustle Ink

Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?

Everybody always talks about this each time the Hall of Fame voting begins. What Rose did as a player is amazing, though his gambling as a manager did him in.

While time heals all wounds, and people would like to forgive him for what he did, the Hall of Fame and MLB still mark him ineligible.

The Reds inducted him into their Hall of Fame this year and Rose is a member of the All-Century Team, showing that perhaps things will change.
It’s not hard to find Pete Rose autographs, as he signs anytime, anywhere. But his signature has eluded me until I picked up the Leaf card you see above. I’m pretty happy to finally have one in my collection, and I might go ahead and try to put together a small player collection of him.

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  1. Blowout had boxes of this product for around $10 a while back. I busted three of them. It was too hard to pass up three autographs of Charlie Hustle for under 30 bucks.