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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Five Packs of Opening Day: One

Does anyone care about Opening Day? I'm guessing no. But it's affordable and I enjoy the inserts.

I'm in a bit of a rush as I'm going on a trip very soon. So for a while, it's going to be lots of cards, not much discussion. But I'll reward you with a fun video at the end of the post!

 Fired Up is a great concept and if I wasn't so involved with Japanese cards I'd probably chase it.
 I like unique images on cardboard. This isn't very flattering. But it is unique. (Did anyone notice the Raiders logo in the background?)
 Markakis is one of my Player Collection guys, and while I only want flagship Topps it's fun to pull their cards.

You "suffered" through seven cardboard scans. Here's your reward. If you can call it that! I'd love to do something like this if I ever return to the science classroom.
The above video is from 2012, but the following clip is more recent:

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