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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cool People, Cool Cards: Dutch Oven

OK, so I have one last set of "traded" cards to show off this weekend. The Dutch Card Guy is another fan of US baseball living outside of America, and he loves to trade! Since it would probably cost him about the same to ship to America or Japan, I was able to get the cards delivered here. He put together an eclectic, but super-fun package of cards. And these cards are HOT! And by that I mean great:

 He helped me work towards completing my 2012 Triple Play set. I still have a few cards left to finish it (my want list spreadsheet is up to date) but this will probably be my favorite card from the release. Nothing like a ball to the ear-flap on a sticker.
That card reminds me of this song. I've never seen the show, but somehow I ended up with the song in my collection for a while.
 There were a whole bunch of 2012 Triple Play cards, but I wanted to show this adorable picture of little Matty. He opened a box a few months back and I think these were from it. For your information, I do want to have a full master set of 2013 Triple Play, just like I'm working on for 2012. I haven't started that yet, and I'm not sure if I'm going to try to do it with boxes this year or just buy a set. Both options seem kind of tough right now.
 Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole mess of these old Fleer stickers in the package. I'm not sure why he included them, but almost all of them found a home. The team logos work nicely for my collection of World Series winning teams (I'm too lazy to try to find team picture cards or other specific cards honoring each team right now).
 The backs look like the card below:
 Most of them feature specific players. If I couldn't use the player, I could probably use the team. Some day I'll actually try to put together complete sets of the Fleer sticker backs that feature cartoons.
 He helped with my 2012 Allen & Ginter set a whole bunch. There were a bunch of Yankees I was missing.
 I'm not sure if any of them were SPs, but the cards he included were a big help regardless.
 There were a few inserts. I always love the Baseball Highlight Sketches.
 And I seem to get attached to a couple of the inserts or mini inserts every year too, despite a lack of interest when the sets are announced. So he helped there too!
 Ahh, 2012 Gypsy Queen! I do believe that I finally finished this set this week! And now I can start on 2013 Gypsy Queen. Oh, and I still need a couple cards from 2011...
 A really odd group of cards were these 1986 Fleer Baseball's Best. I think they were padding for the package but either way they were a fun reminder of the days when little sets of superstars could be found on drug store shelves.
 This is the second Mattingly card in this post!
 The WBC wasn't forgotten! Abe is very popular in Tokyo, and he won the NPB MVP Award for his team's league last year. There were multiple versions or copies of some players, including Abe.
 As you know, I collect Team USA cards. I have expanded that to include WBC sets as well, though I don't go after any of the autographs or relics. Bow-Chro is perfectly fine though!
 Do you like football? By that, I mean soccer. There were some European soccer cards included (I think they were European). While I don't collect soccer cards I love to see random oddballs.
 Plus, these cards have dutch language on them, I think. So they're even cooler!
 And what package from Holland would be complete without some Panini stickers? I haven't opened them to see what's inside, but I think I'm going to keep them anyway!
Finally, the perfect card to end a post on. Mr. Dutch included a Fan Favorites autographed Terry Pendleton card from Archives. Pendleton isn't a tough signature to get in person, exactly, but as far as certified autos go he doesn't show up very often. So I'm glad to have this as part of my autograph collection!

Thanks again for the awesome cards, everyone! Now hopefully I can get back into the rhythm of posting semi-frequently!


  1. Great to see they arrived safely, my first package to Japan ! Thanks for the trade and looking forward to a next one !

  2. Love those mid 80's Fleer boxed sets... especially the Sluggers vs. Pitchers sets.

  3. Love the Gypsy Queen and Allen and Ginters Big time Griffey fan and the Cy young Is really cool as well. Love the blog btw just stsarted following check mine out feel free to join the site if you like what you see got lots of cool stuff on there.

  4. Dutch: and thank you! I still have to send cards your way!

    Fuji: I don't understand the appeal, yet I really enjoy them too.

    Brendan: Thanks for the comment! I have you on my RSS feed now! I haven't seen an ugly Griffey card yet.