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Friday, March 9, 2018

Set Building: 2005 Calbee

Seeing a bunch of Calbee cards side by side like this is pretty neat - intentionally or not, the cards I found to work toward my set feature each team's players wearing the same uniform. So the Lions all look like this:

 Pretty neat, huh?
 These horizontal cards don't fit in my posting scheme. Grr.
 Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Has there ever been a shorter English name on a jersey than JP? I know there must be several kanji jerseys with one character. Oh's last name is a single character, for example. But, is there a Mr. A out there?
 Pitchers pitching...
 Batters batting...
 Catchers catching...
 and Carp players photographed at the same game from the same place doing the same thing - following through their swing. Perhaps Calbee went to one home game for each team to get photographs.
 Opening Game insert set: complete!
 All Stars: need one!
Interleague: complete!

So now my want list is down to a dozen base cards, two checklists, and one All Star card. Fifteen cards in all. I can do this by the end of the month!


  1. Completing a Calbee set would be very impressive. That's a lot of chips someone had to eat.

    1. I completed the 2015 set by hand, buying way too many bags of chips. I filled in the rest at the card shop. I just let my coworkers eat all the chips! It wasn't hard to get rid of them.

      Collectors and local shops who open lots of Calbee sell the chip bags, without cards, for about 20-50 yen each. Some people just post them on Yahoo! Japan Auctions.

      I've found it's much better (cheaper) to just grab full sets off YJA each year than to build them. I doubt I'm going to open many packs of *anything* this year after spending so much on Topps jumbo boxes last year.