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Monday, March 12, 2018

2018-18 V. League (Women) Revisited: A Trio of Autographs

It didn't take too long for me to get samples of all of the different hits in the V. League set. That's mainly because one seller listed a whole ton of them at the same time. I got outbid on a few cards, but then I just went back and found another from the same set.
So here they are:
 First is a sticker autograph. As you can see in the lower-left corner, this is serial-numbered out of 25. The sticker fits pretty well, so it's hard to tell. The card itself is flat, despite the 3D design. The card number is in the upper-right front, and the player's photo appears on the front and back; her jersey number, name, position, and team name are below the signature.
 "Photo and Autographed" does have a die-cut portion where a photo is included. I'll never understand why photo cards (and those cheap "Life Photograph" things that evolved from bromides) are so popular here. The image quality really isn't any better; perhaps looking through a magnifying glass it would be.

Anyway, these too are sticker autographs, and if you enlarge the image, you can see that the sticker itself is off-center. I wonder if that was intentional to make the signature more vertical. Cards are numbered out of 30, and the player's name and team appear on the photo itself, while the back includes a general team photo. I figure they printed one card type for each team and just glued in the photo and added the sticker for each player.
Authentic Autographs are the final part of the trio - these have a raised frame surrounding an autographed piece of paper. The paper is similar to that used on autograph boards in Japan ("framed paper"). These are numbered out of 25, and feature a photo of the player on the front (top-left corner) and back, with her jersey number, name, position, and team on the front. The back mentions "hasamikomi" which generally means to pinch, but also to insert - essentially the Japanese version of a "cut" signature.

That about wraps up the V. League set, so until next time...


  1. That first signature is sweet! Looks like a ballerina/samurai.

    P.S. I just face timed my nieces this afternoon and that's one of the songs they sang to me.

    1. Samurina? Ballerai? Either way, a scary prospect.

      It's good to hear that song remains alive in children's programming!