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Saturday, March 10, 2018

1/1, Japan 1/1, and x/x!

I bet I have cards in this post you don't have.

My type collection is one of the most ambitious collections in the world. There's no denying that: one card from every set, insert set, and parallel ever made. Some sets are one single card that's a 1/1. Yeah, my collection can never be complete. But I accept that, and I really focus on quantity more than quality given my budget and what's accessible to me.

But occasionally I get something cool. Like:
 That's exactly what it says: an Exchange Card for 2018 BBM Rookie Edition. The back side gives the details; I'll be getting one of those 1/1 autographed "framed paper" things for one of the Orix Bluewave players once this is redeemed. That makes this my first Japanese 1/1!
 Back to the US, this Verlander plate (yay! A plate of one of my Player Collection players!) is destined for my type collection. Poor Verlander, becoming just as important as Matt Diaz or Mike LaCoss.
 Gold (left) and red (right) parallels for 2017 BBM 2nd Version
 Parallels for the First Pitch set and Bright Stars insert set. It's hard to tell, but the card on the right has a hyperplaid foil design.
 Color parallels for 2017 Genesis. While I didn't get them until months after the set's release, they were much easier than prior years.
Finally, I'll finish with this OB (retired) player autograph - Shinichi Murakami. While I only got this card for my type collection, Murakami lasted 11 seasons in the NPB with Hankyu and Orix. Most of those years he didn't see much playing time, but the 1990 season was pretty good for him - he posted a .302 batting average. He finished his career batting .251.

Every card in this post was serial-numbered, which might be a first for me... at least for posts with at least 10 cards!

Until next time...


  1. I know I should be commenting on these awesome cards... but I got distracted by Pat. Great song. Loved her music when I was a kid.

    1. I was pretty ignorant about music up until mid-high school. I knew the biggest pop stars - Michael Jackson, Madonna - and I got into Queen and the Beatles as a tween. I can remember having cassettes or CDs of Mariah Carey, MC Hammer, NKOTB, and Vanilla Ice. And then I finally discovered music.