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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Set Building: 2004 Calbee

I mentioned yesterday that I was tackling the 2004 Calbee set. Finding singles for this set seems to be much harder than the 2005 set... or even the 2000 set. But I recently found a few to knock off the want list:
 Shinjo is a popular player and you'll see him again soon. He always seems to have a big smile.
 Not so action-y, that Johjima card has a fun shot anyway. I just wish we could see more of what's going on in the dugout.
 Cool, a mascot cameo! This card, too, suffers from Overcropitis. Please, photographers, get some more background in some of the photos.
Another smiling Shinjo. These two are from the All-Star subset.

And that's all she wrote... or all I wrote, for now. Except... the microphone has a green sponge (whatever that thing is called) on it. That might be the first green microphone I've ever seen.


  1. Just saw this post. I've been working on the 2004 set for a while (actually since 2004, it was the first Calbee set I tried to do through bags of chips), its one of my favorites. The third series cards seem to be harder to find that the earlier two.

    As you mention at the top, I've also found that the 2000 set for some reason is really easy to find, they must have been extremely good sellers for Calbee that year.

    1. I'm sure the last/later series is/are rarer, similar to Topps' flagship sets, especially in the 1950s and 1960s.

      I'm guessing Ichiro mania helped with Calbee sales. People had to have known he was planning to play in the MLB the next year - collectors from Japan and US both probably wanted as many Ichiros as possible. I saw a similar thing (to a lesser point) with Ohtani.