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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Set Building: 2004 Calbee

I mentioned yesterday that I was tackling the 2004 Calbee set. Finding singles for this set seems to be much harder than the 2005 set... or even the 2000 set. But I recently found a few to knock off the want list:
 Shinjo is a popular player and you'll see him again soon. He always seems to have a big smile.
 Not so action-y, that Johjima card has a fun shot anyway. I just wish we could see more of what's going on in the dugout.
 Cool, a mascot cameo! This card, too, suffers from Overcropitis. Please, photographers, get some more background in some of the photos.
Another smiling Shinjo. These two are from the All-Star subset.

And that's all she wrote... or all I wrote, for now. Except... the microphone has a green sponge (whatever that thing is called) on it. That might be the first green microphone I've ever seen.

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