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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Spring!

Here's a single Tsum Tsum sticker for you. It's the only one in a lot of about 20 that I needed for either of my sets. What does it have to do with spring? Nothing.

Speaking of sets, I've been kind of busy lately with new releases.
My most recent eBay pickup was the 2013 Leaf National Convention set. While I generally just pick up singles from sets like this, Leaf tossed in a bunch of oddball sports stars and celebrities. It's like Goodwin Champions, but without the vintage look! I guess that would make it similar to Panini Americana... but with athletes. Some of the cards are autographed, too, but I already have autographs from everyone I would want in the set.
Also, I can check off the 2018 Donruss set. I went with the full set including variations, since there wasn't much difference in price. Along with that, I picked up an extra Diamond Kings subset for the separate collection.
Finally, I grabbed the 2018 Topps US Olympic Team set plus the Did You Know insert set. Jessie Diggins is the last athlete that I have on my want list for a relic or autograph, and they aren't cheap.
 I also took care of a few things through Sportlots. It's amazing how cheap it can be to put together full sets compared to their actual selling prices on eBay. I like the oddball sets Topps tosses into Opening Day. While this year's 15-card Team Traditions & Celebrations set I was bidding on sold for $6.24 plus $3.75 shipping (I bid $1), I picked up the full set for $2.70 plus shipping.
The Opening Day insert set from the same seller added less than $5 to my total (eBay price: $7.59). I ended up getting these 35 cards and another 39 for other collections for $17.36.

It pays to shop around. What does that have to do with spring? Nothing.

But tomorrow's my day off because the first day of spring is a national holiday in Japan. So Happy Spring!

Until next time...


  1. Happy Spring! I wish the United States would adopt that holiday. Can't complain too much though. Spring break is just around the corner.

    1. Kids and teachers get a week in spring in the US, so that's pretty nice. I don't know if the teachers actually get time off during spring break, and different schools have different rules for their students. It's all quite confusing, honestly. But this is a country where you can see a high school student in their school uniform 365 days a year (okay, *maybe* not on New Years Day). Class or not, the kids end up going to school for something, usually club activities.