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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Old and Busted, and New Hotness

Poking around one of the local card shops last week in search of Clayton Kershaw cards (I didn't find what I wanted, but I did pick up a few things), I came across a couple minor league cards.
 A couple old guys from 10-year old minor league team sets. I usually want player cards for my type collection, but I'm happy to get these anyway. They didn't have any player cards at the shop, just these two guys. Where did the player cards go?
I didn't know the Fresh Prince was playing baseball. How much teasing did this guy get in school? Did he ever use Will Smith songs as walk-up music? So many questions left unanswered. A nice addition to my MLB type collection, though.


  1. Minor league singles in Japan? That's something.

  2. I know a 'friend of a friend' who lives in Japan, who picks up a yearly run of minor league sets so he has cards to get signed when takes trips to the states for spring training and also during the regular minor league season.

  3. So the 2007 Las Vegas set had DJ Houlton in it and the 2008 set had Brian Falkenborg in it, both of whom pitched for Softbank after they were with the 51s. Maybe some Hawks fan picked up the two sets to get those cards out of them and sold off the rest.

  4. I go to Las Vegas at least 3 times a year. I own a Las Vegas 51's mascot bobble. But I've never actually attended a game. Might need to do something about that in 2018.

  5. There are several answers for how the cards got here.

    Kenny, you brought me a bunch of minor league singles - it's possible something like that happened and someone tossed their extras (non-players) to the card shop. Or, similarly, the shop bought a ton of singles in bulk and they were part of the lot.

    Laurens may be on the right track, too - maybe he got rid of his extra coach/manager cards there.

    And NPB Card Guy has a good theory, except I'd expect to find more player cards in the lot - I looked through the whole Dodgers box and only found those two cards.

    Fuji: It's funny how that happens! I've tried to be more aware of baseball in my area when I travel; I've missed out on several opportunities over the years. I still haven't seen many independent league or minor league games here in Japan.