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Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Autograph: Honoka Kajiura

The 2017 boxed cheerleader set featured the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters Girls, and for whatever reason I decided there were three cheerleaders I wanted autographs for.

One of those I already picked up cheap from the box set, but the other two have remained out of reach, mainly because I'm keeping to a very limited budget.
The Fighters Girls held an event on the sixth, and attendees could get autographs from some of the Girls. Each Girl had two single-sided cards, which are actually printed on photographic paper. (These translate as Life Photographs, and are pretty popular here, especially with idols. I have seen various baseball players featured on these as well - I know the Tigers sold them in their team store, and I've seen others here and there. BBM has included them in a few of their box sets, too, especially the cheerleader box sets.) The first "card" is a photo of the Girl, seen on the left; the other "card" is designed with space for the Girl to write a message and autograph. These are hand-signed, and include a long message. It certainly is a decent substitute for the BBM autographed card.

Two down, one to go!

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