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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Going Platinum: My First 1/1... Platinum

I didn't expect to win this card.

It's a simple story - I saw this card on Yahoo Japan Auctions and tossed in a basic 1000 yen bid.
 A few days later, I won it for my minimum bid! It's from the 2013 update set, and it is an RC logo. But most importantly is that foil stamp above the Cubs logo. It's 1/1. This is the Platinum parallel, which I've never had in my collection before!
The backs are pretty standard, though the front has that parallel color border.

It's not my first 1/1. I have several printing plates in my collection, though technically there are four of every card, just with color variations. A couple came from packs, while many others came from card shows and auctions. I also pulled one notable 1/1 autographed patch from a pack back in 2005, and I have a couple other 1/1 cards I've lucked into over the years. Plus all of my Buck Farmer 1/1 cards (29 different!).

But the one kind of 1/1 I've never had is a Platinum parallel from the flagship Topps brand. Granted, this is Update, but I consider that a third series of the base set anyway. Unfortunately, an Allen & Ginter Wood parallel that was recently for auction went out of my price range. Otherwise, it could have been a really great week for my type collection!


  1. Nice pickup! This was a card I considered supercollecting when it came out but never saw this or any of the printing plates.

    Its a great horizontal card, rookie, young Anthony Rizzo cameo and awesome throwback uniform!

  2. Nice grab. I just learned of Platinum and Wood parallels. Cant find any for my Buehrle PC.

  3. That is an excellent card to get a 1/1 of. Gotta be up there with the greatest RC photos of all-time.

  4. Congratulations! There are a lot of different 1 of 1 parallels I've never owned... platinum, superfractor, etc. Most of the ones I own are of the printing plate variety.

  5. Thanks guys. It is a great card to have as 1/1, despite not being a Cubs fan.

    My biggest regret is selling my 1990s Flair Masterpiece card. I don't remember who it was, and I turned a pretty nice profit on it, but I doubt I'll ever have one again.