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Monday, January 8, 2018

2016 Bikkuriman Hanshin Tigers (Not Quite)

Bikkuriman is a series of stickers usually found in convenience stores packaged with a wafer. They've done several special editions in recent years, with baseball stickers showing up from time to time.

In 2015 and 2016, they did Tigers stickers. They were given away over a weekend at Tigers home games, and are difficult to find at reasonable prices.
 This may not really be one of those. It does seem to feature the Hanshin Tigers, but I can't find any true relationship between this sticker and the giveaways. I've found that there are at least three versions of this sticker though, with the other two having a silver background with diamonds instead of the orange background you see above. The silver background cards are in Japanese (identical to the image above) and Indonesian (with English in the top banner).
The back mentions this is some kind of fan selection sticker, but I'm guessing it's from a regular Bikkuriman issue instead of a true Hanshin Tigers release. Still, it's a neat card.

I'm still looking for the '15 and '16 Tigers sets - 2015 has 12 card-size stickers, while 2016 has 13 (10 regular and 3 short print) standard-Bikkuriman-sized stickers.


  1. Love the design and the idea of including these with food. Hope you're able to track down the information you're looking for.

    1. I'm sure it's out there - Bikkuriman is pretty popular here and there are several websites about the stickers. Almost all of the info is Japanese though, so it's very time consuming.