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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Unknown Menko: Explosion Small Menkos

I haven't shown many lately, but there are several unidentified Japanese cards in my collection. Here's one of my newer ones.
Much smaller than the usual menko cards, this little guy has a color photo over an exploding background. Given what I saw when I bought this one, other cards might just have regular photos.

The backs have the same usual stuff as found on other menko, but the order is somewhat unique. The menko number is in the middle, with the janken symbol at the bottom and a robot cartoon above. I'm not sure if the other cards I saw had robots or some other art.

Given the quality and the card stock, I would guess this is post-1960.


  1. I think the "exploding" background is what makes this card extra cool. I like the photo on top of a comic look. Your card is kinda like a vintage version of Topps Kids.

  2. The Dragons didn't start wearing those uniforms until 1974 so you can narrow the time period down a little more.

  3. Cool card. Ive seen several 1970s menko sets with that back so likely around that time.