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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

New Release: 2017 Calbee Series 1

The first installment of Calbee's annual baseball card set hit grocery shelves last month, but with the 30-Day challenge and everything else going on I kind of neglected to post about the set until now. That's partly because I didn't even find it on shelves until about a week ago. However, I got my type collection singles and set before then!
 The base cards look essentially the same as usual. NPB Card Guy pointed out that the names are in white again after using black text in 2015 and Japanese characters last year. Not having to read kanji and hiragana/katakana makes it much faster for me to flip through cards. But otherwise, the design remains the same as it has been for some time now. There are 72 cards in the regular set.
 The Title Holder insert uses the Japanese name for the awards, which is kind of different. 23 cards are found in this non-premium insert set.
 I'm not sure why, but checklist cards always carry a premium despite not being short-printed. I went with the Carp's Central League Championship ceremony shot for my type collection. There are four cards in this set.
 As for premium inserts, Starcard is back. As usual, there are 24 cards in the set as well as a parallel foil signature version.
Legend highlights six players this year who retired, including their full career stats on the back. There's a foil signature parallel of this set too.

The premium special box card set for 2017 Series 1 is Clutch Hitters. I don't have my type card yet for this set. The cards appear the same as most of Calbee's Special Box sets - the set's title runs vertically up one side in silver foil, and the cards are printed on foilboard similar to BBM's insert cards.


  1. I was just thinking... damn the Calbee base cards always look the same.

    1. They really do. Calbee has made tiny adjustments from year to year, but with only a few exceptions, the design is essentially the same, and the back layout stays pretty consistent too. Thankfully, they do put the year pretty clearly on the front and back now.