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Sunday, May 7, 2017

New Release: 2017 BBM Chiba Lotte Marines

Coming out in late April, the 2017 Marines set is sold 6 cards per pack for 400 yen, and 20-pack boxes are 8000 yen. BBM has standardized the base set size at 81 cards for team sets so far.
 Base cards for the Marines set have white borders; BBM tends to use white with the Marines to match their team colors.
The Seawall Quartet subset has four players, unsurprisingly. Backs have team-by-team performance.
 2017 New Wave features three new players. The design reminds me of Fleer's Wave of the Future inserts.
 Finally, Award Winners have four players who led the league in various categories or won awards such as Gold Gloves.

The Marines release thankfully has only three insert sets. Each set has parallels numbered to 90, 60, and 30 copies.
 Next Sensation: 6 cards
 Brand New Face: 3 cards
Prime Choice: 9 cards

Additionally, the Marines version of the Phantom insert set has six cards.
As usual, every player has an autographed card serially-numbered up to 60 copies each. Two combo signature cards were issued with 5 copies each.
Silver Autographs are numbered to 5 or 10 copies each with a 1/1 parallel. There are 9 cards in this set.

The seven Rookie Autographs have 5 or 10 copies each, and the Cross Squall autograph set has three cards numbered to 10 copies each.

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