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Thursday, May 4, 2017

New Release: 2017 BBM Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles

The team set for the Golden Eagles was released in early April, though it seems it hit shelves a day or two after the Swallows set came out. 6 cards per 400-yen pack, 20 packs per 8000-yen box.
 Here are the base cards; as you can see the design remains simple and unobtrusive. Backs have one line of statistics plus career totals and a short biographs.
The first subset after the regular base cards is Newcomer, featuring players added to the team during the offseason. Backs include full career stats. Only two players are in this subset.
 Next is Great Promise, a three-card subset young superstars. The back of Matsui's card shows his statistics versus other Eagles players and compared to other NPB players during the 2016 season.
 Eager Eagles again has statistics on the back, with lots of charts. Shimauchi's has his performance in each stadium. There are nine cards in this set.

There are six insert sets, each with three cards. Technically, BBM makes an 18 card insert set for each team and splits it up into lots of subsets which are all numbered separately. For the Golden Eagles inserts, all of the sets have two parallels: one numbered to 75 copies and one numbered to 50 copies. I am happy that five of the six sets have something more on the back than just the photo repeated; it's just more graphs, but that's better than nothing. There's still no real clue as to what each insert set's name really represents (except, perhaps, Hitmakers).
 Honor of Eagles
 Make A Wish
 Tough Enough

Additionally, Phantom is a limited insert set serial-numbered to 25 copies each. There are six cards in the set.
The usual autographs are found as well.

Premium autographs include:

  • combo autograph (1 card, 4 copies)
  • rookie autographs (10 cards, 10 copies each)
  • silver signatures - cards with silver backgrounds (9 cards, 10 copies each)
  • gold signature parallel (9 cards, 1/1)
  • Cross Squall (3 cards, 10 copies each)

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