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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wallet Card, I haven't forgotten you!

I've been pretty busy. That doesn't mean I haven't been collecting - actually, I've been really active chasing after Buck Farmer cards. But that's another post. And I've taken a few trips, too! I went to Osaka and western Japan at the beginning of May, and early June was spent back in the US - the first time I've been home in three and a half years!

I've taken several wallet card shots over the past few months, but my priorities have been away from the blog. Here are the good Tokyo-area ones:
Tully's Coffee is a chain found around Japan, also serving food and booze. They are from Seattle originally, and this new location in a train station had a nice map of Seattle on its wall, including a giant Safeco Field drawing.
I just posted this picture on Chaos and Kanji, but why not bring it here too? Tony is sitting on the belt of some bug-like Japanese superhero.
And I shot Tony resting on Mickey's ears at work last month, just before departing for the US. (Yes, I'm back in Japan again.) The paper Mickey's head is holding up is my schedule for last week. Note Wednesday's schedule: 12:00-21:00 Lunch.

Tony went to the US with me, but remained in my Japan wallet, so I sadly didn't get any photos there. But I believe there are a few to uncover from my Golden Week trip, and more to come as I take more trips this summer!

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