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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Release: 2015 Frontier Seibu Lions Heroes & Rookies

 Frontier has issued only a couple sets so far this year, with the Lions being the first to hit shelves. This year's design is very simple, and as you can see the photo usage is pretty uninspired as well. The name of the team sets has changed to Heroes and Rookies, which to me says that this year's rookie crop must be uninspiring. Of course, most people who buy sealed boxes of this product are chasing after the big hits.
Each box includes the full 18-card regular base card set and one autographed card. The image below outlines all of the hits that can be found in the product (image is enlargeable):
Autographs break down as follows:

  • Rookies: 6 cards in the design of the base set. This is not a parallel.
  • Authentic Signatures: 20 cards
  • Teammates Signatures: three cards
  • 2014 Home Run Champions: one card
  • Triple Exposure Signatures: two cards
Almost all cards come in standard black (print runs of 23 or less) and parallel red (print runs of 8 or less) versions. Adding up all the cards gives a total set print run of less than 700.

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