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Monday, June 15, 2015

Box Break: 2001 Morning Musume Priname Petit Cards

 So, what is this, exactly? Morning Musume is a J-Pop group that still exists today, though I don't think any of the current members were around fifteen years ago! Around 2001-2003, they were very popular, and several card sets were released featuring the ten girls that made up the group at the time.
 I got this box really cheap, thinking it was part of another set that had punch-out standing cards. It wasn't, but I didn't have any cards from this set anyway so it was a worthwhile box to open.
Each pack has five cards; one box contains 20 packs for a total of 100 cards. The complete set including SPs is 60 cards, as follows (in the order presented on the pack):
  • Special Cards: 15
  • Bromide Type Cards (photo cards): 6
  • Message Cards: 19
  • Mini Postcards: 10
  • Game Cards: 10
Each pack seems to have one from each type card. Overall, I believe I still got a full set.

Pack One

 Game Card
 Message Card
 Bromide-type Card
 Mini Postcard
 Special Card

Pack 2

 Pack 3

 Pack 4

 Pack 5

 Pack 6

 Pack 7

 Pack 8

 Pack 9

 Pack 10

 Pack 11

 Pack 12

 Pack 13

 Pack 14

 Pack 15

 Pack 16

 Pack 17

 Pack 18

 Pack 19

 Pack 20

Well, that's it. 100 cards. I like this set - many of the cards can be used as something other than just a collectible. Of course, who would write on their cards at 40 cents each?

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