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Sunday, June 21, 2015

New Release: 2015 BBM Icons "Ace"

Definitely produced to capitalize on the return of Kuroda and Dice-K Matsuzaka, the third installment of the Icons box set has 36 base cards featuring the best pitches in NPB baseball. The design is about the same as prior issues, with modification of the color schemes being the only noticeable change. I wouldn't mind having a copy for myself, because this is the best Icons set yet!

As always, each sealed box comes with one special card.
 There are four die-cut cards, each with two versions: a regular version (35 copies each) and one with red foil (15 copies each).
 Printed Autographed Cards can be found for 18 players. Gold signature versions are numbered to 90 or 100 cards, while holofoil signatures are numbered between 20 and 30 copies each.
Finally, authentic autographs are found for 26 subjects, with numbering between 10 and 30 copies each.

A total of 3000 box sets were produced. There are 210 regular die-cut cards, 90 red foil die-cut cards, 1680 gold printed autographs, 422 holofoil printed autographs, and 598 authentic autographs. At 4000 yen per box, I'd hate to spend 20,000 yen for five boxes needed (on average) to get a single autograph of one of the unpopular players in the set.

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