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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Release: 2015 Frontier Orix Buffaloes Heroes & Rookies

The 2015 Buffaloes team set from Frontier uses the same design as the Lions set I posted about yesterday, with only a color change to distinguish it. The regular set comes one per box, with 18 cards in the checklist.
Like yesterday's Lions set, the Buffaloes set includes various autograph sets with one card included per box. The sets are similar to the Lions sets as well:

  • Rookies: 6 cards, most print runs of 32 (one card with 20 copies)
  • Authentic Signature: 17 cards, print runs of 5-30 copies each
  • Authentic Signature (red ink): 2 card partial parallel, 5 copies each
  • Teammates Combos: 2 cards. The card shown above is 5 copies, the other is numbered to 3.
  • League Leader Signatures (Title Holders): 2 cards, 3 copies each
  • Triple Exposure Signatures: 2 cards, 3 copies each
With the exception of two players in the Authentic Signature set, there are no red parallels in the Buffaloes set. By my count, less than 500 total sets were released.

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