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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Calbee Evangelion Postcards and Card Holders

 Similar to Calbee's baseball issues, the non-sport sets included with potato chips offer premiums through random inserted redemption cards or other mail-in offers.
 Evangelion has been featured in a few Calbee sets, including a multi-series run in the 1990s. During that release, they issued a few special items available through lucky cards included in "packs" of chips.
 One of those special items was a set of 10 postcards featuring art from the series. There appear to be three types: a three-card character subset with white borders, a six-card subset with art from the series, and a final card seen below with alternate art. I believe the postcards were available as a complete set.
It looks like three different albums (card holders) were issued as well, seen below.
Checklist sheets for each of the series were available in sticker format to put inside the album.

I would be interested in more information about this issue. I think four series of cards were issued, so I would expect there to be four albums. But I also think the Asuka album might have been used for two series. And there could be other premium items available.

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