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Friday, June 19, 2015

New Release: 2015 BBM Golden Eagles

I might be in the minority, but I think the 2015 Golden Eagles set is going to be the best-looking team set BBM issues this year. We'll see what's out by the end of the year, but I really enjoy this design.
 I'm guessing the vibrant colors used on the card (gold and red) add to the appeal of this card, a stark contrast to the Swallows set I posted about yesterday with the dull blue-and-white combination. The curved border in the upper-left corner eats some of the photo space, but brings a bit of softness to the design. And again in contrast to yesterday's Swallows set, the photo on the Golden Eagles card I have here was obviously taken during the day - the shadows and brightness attest to that while the Swallows play in a dome so that effect is lost.

Like the Swallows set, the first 72 cards are player cards, including the manager and a checklist. There are three mascot cards here.
 There's only one three-card puzzle in the Golden Eagles set, with the usual nine-image progression of Norimoto's pitching motion.
 The remaining six cards of the 81-card set are calendars, double-sided but arranged to be viewed in a 9-pocket binder. The calendars have birthdays for all of the team's players. No Golden Eagles share my birthday, unfortunately.

There are three different insert types in the Golden Eagles release, but they are numbered sequentially as one set.
 Cards S01-S09 are Shining Shooting Star cards, with the standard pointless foil front with full-image back and minimal text.
 Cards S10-S12 feature milestones, and while the photos on front and back are identical again, at least there is text pointing out the milestone the player reached.
And using the same design as the Milestone Cards, Combination Cards are #S13-S18. The two players again have the same photos on front and back (are photos really that expensive?) but at least these have a write-up explaining the relationship between the two players. I'm happy BBM did this and I hope they continue to do so.

Apparently nine of the eighteen cards in the insert set are rare, but I can't be certain which by information I have. However, I am leaning toward #S10-S18.
The autograph configuration is the same as the Swallows set - essentially all players signed for the regular set. I count 66 of the 71 player cards having autographs (the manager and a mascot are two of the subjects who didn't sign).

  • Regular autographs - up to 60 copies each (middle two images above)
  • Combo autographs - 5 copies each, three cards (bottom two images above)
  • Silver autographs - 15 copies each, nine cards (seen in the top row)
  • Gold autographs - 1 copy each, nine cards (seen in the top row)
  • Cross-brand autographs for three players (15 or 30 copies each, not shown)

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