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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vintage Star Wars Japanese Find!

It's about 1980. You're young, hip, Japanese, and looking to get the phone number of that person across the bar. What else do you do but reach for your Star Wars memo book?
 I found these two notepads a couple months ago, surprisingly ignored despite their vintage-ity. Perhaps it was how dirty they were at first. But just a little bit of wiping with a moist towelette got them looking pretty nice.
 There is a page for important information and a removable notepad in each book.
There's also a set of pages of credit card or photo holders, each with a couple Star Wars cards inside. These are far from mint, but they are unused and in decent shape!


  1. awesome! combines two things i enjoy collecting. i just framed my japanese star wars movie poster last week.