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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Recent Pickup: 1998 BBM Uncut Sheet "40 Years of Shukan Baseball"

Before my trip to the US, I went down to Akihabara to pick up type cards for the newest releases. My usual source, Yellow Submarine, didn't have any of the latest singles, so I headed to Wrappers to do my shopping. I browsed the cases, something I don't really do very often, and happened to see this sitting inside!

It's an uncut sheet from 1998 BBM. The nine cards were found, in standard-sized form, as part of the 1998 BBM set. In fact, the back of the sheet shows the original card numbering. But this uncut sheet was somehow distributed as well. NPB Card Guy mentioned this in his write-up of the 1998 BBM set.

I'm trying to put together the standard card form of this subset, and Wrappers had these priced quite high. But the price on the uncut sheet was too good to pass up. Perhaps I can finish the regular card subset soon too!

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  1. Sweet! Love oddball stuff... especialy Japanese oddballs.