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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New Release: 2018 BBM 1st Version

The most exciting release in Japan each year is probably 1st Version. It's the biggest single set (or series) to come out in Japan each year, and signifies the start of the season.

BBM's flagship set is also its most affordable per-card. 10-card packs cost 300 yen, with 20 packs per box and 15 boxes per case.
The base set is #1-336. Cards 1-324 are regular cards, as seen above. Career stats are on the back (see, Topps, it can be done!). This year's design is very simple, leaving lots of space for photos.
Cards #325-336 are team checklists. (Why don't I have a team checklist type card?! I need to fix that...)  You can see the team checklist set in this post. So, sorry, but no back scan.
BBM's flagship is parallel city. Here's a breakdown:

  • Silver Foil Signature (sample above)
  • Gold Foil Signature #/100
  • Holofoil Signature #/50
  • Red Foil Signature #/25
  • Green Foil Signature #/10
  • Rookie Parallel Foilboard #/200
  • Rookie Parallel Holo Foilboard #/100
  • Rookie Parallel Lame #/50 
  • First Draft Pick Blue Foil Signature
  • Secret Photo Variation
Eight players per team have signature parallels. Rookie Parallels vary per team based on the number of rookies in the set. There are 12 First Draft Pick cards. And 12 Secret cards, one per team.

This year's cross-brand insert set is Cross Universe, with a planetary theme. There are 36 cards in the 1st Version set, three per team. There are three parallels in addition to the base cards:

  • Gold Foil #/100
  • Holo Foil #/50
  • 1/1
There are three inserts found in 1st Version packs. Each set has 12 cards, one per team, and are the usual "shiny limited card with no real reason" insert.

Gemstone has a sparkly background, but could have been better if they had actually used a more gemstone-looking background. The background doesn't actually sparkle, it just has that style of design. Two parallels can be found: Holofoil #/100, and Special Holofoil #/50.
Japonism has a very Japanese design: ukiyoe art and sakura (cherry blossoms) take up the background. The font is even traditionally-styled. Again, there are two parallels: Purple #/100, Pink #/50.
 3D Cross Universe uses a similar design to the regular Cross Universe cards, but with a border and a 3D effect. I haven't seen these in person yet. They aren't serial numbered and have no parallels.
Three Memorabilia cards were produced. Dennis Sarfate and Yoshihiro Maru both have jersey cards. BBM's checklist identifies the relics as being home jerseys, though their preview image (above) labels it as a visitor jersey. #M1 and M2 are #/200, with #/25 patch parallels. #M3 is a dual jersey card #/10, patch #/5.

Finally, there are a few autograph sets.
Cross Universe can be found as Cross Signature cards, in a horizontal design. These are #/30 or less, and 59 players are on the checklist. Ten teams appear, with six players per team. Except the Hawks, with five players. Missing are the Carp and Giants.

 Three Combo Autograph cards are #/5 each.

Finally, there are seven Special Autograph cards, #/5 or less.

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