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Monday, April 30, 2018

New Release: 2018 Epoch Carp Rookies and Stars

Epoch is going whole hog on team sets this year, putting up a bit of competition to BBM. The first set they released, on April 7th, was Carp Rookies and Stars.

Each 5-card pack retails for 400 yen, with 20 packs per box and 12 boxes per case. 
The base set has 90 cards, but that includes variations - up to three for some players. Cards are numbered 1-69. Fifteen players have variations; nine have one variation each, six have two variations each. ( 9 + (6x2) = 21 variations. 21 variations + 69 regular = 90 cards). The variations all appear to be photo variations.
Twenty-seven players appear in the regular insert set, titled Franchise Favorites. With 27 cards, you're looking basically at the regular team roster at the top level.
The limited insert is titled Rookies, and includes six of the team's rookies (duh?). Regular Red Rookies are #/150. Green Rookies are #/85. Yellow Rookies are numbered to their jersey number; Endoh's yellow parallel is thus numbered to 66 copies.
There are 27 Authentic Signatures cards for regular players; these are serial-numbered to 10 or 20 copies each and the checklist almost exactly follows the Franchise Favorites checklist, with a few exceptions.

Additionally, the six Rookies players have Authentic Signatures cards with various numbering. Each rookie has three versions with different photos on the front. Numbering differs slightly for some players, but generally the print runs are about 100 copies, 70 copies, and 30 copies.

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