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Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Release: 2018 BBM Shohei Ohtani Grateful Days

BBM must be taking a huge hit this year with the loss of Ohtani. I'm sure the prospect of pulling his cards from a pack really drives sales of Fighters sets and the general releases BBM does across the year. So naturally they took one last cash grab with Grateful Days.

Each box set includes one full base set and one special card for 5000 yen. 3000 total sets were produced.
There are only 19 regular cards in the set, featuring highlights of his NPB career.

The bonus card can be one of three types, though more than half of the boxes will contain this first type:
 Grateful Days 3D is (surprise!) a 3D card. There are three types, batting, pitching, and batting and pitching. Each of the three cards is numbered to 499 copies, with a foil signature parallel #/50.
 Jersey cards are numbered to 399. Foil signature (seen above) #/199, patch #/50, and big patch #/11.

 Ball cards are #/199, foil signature parallel #/99, team logo #/11.

 Bat cards are #/199, foil signature parallel #/99, and barrel #/11.
Ball and Bat Combo cards are #/50.

Jersey, Ball, and Bat Combo cards are #/15.
 Finally, one Autographed card is #/11.

I suppose paying $50 for a 50% shot at a Shohei Ohtani hit isn't so bad, but it's still more than I'm willing to pay.


  1. Was this the product that sold out immediately after everybody went nuts preordering it on Amazon?

    1. I'm sure it sold out pretty fast. I do see boxes of this on eBay for about $300 now. Insane.

  2. I went and tried to find some of this product and it was hard to find. I wouldn't mind picking up the base set.

    1. I've seen a few base sets here and there. But usually 1500-2000 yen each.

  3. Solid design. I'm not a fan of sticker-graphs, but that card is pretty sweet.

    1. I think the key to an iconic autograph card: black and white photo without any important action or features as the background; classy, dark, modern design, minimal text on the front. That probably holds true for most of the best autographs. Except Sweet Spot. Those are great as is!