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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Return of the Goodwin Champion

I don't usually get my eBay purchases in-hand.

I don't show a lot of US cards here because I get my cards from Sportlots, COMC, and eBay, and I have to rely on sellers' scans or do without. 

From time to time, I win an auction from an "international" seller. I don't mean a seller who ships internationally; I'm not paying $25 to get a card shipped to Japan when it's about 1/8th that price to ship to a US address. I'm talking about Asian, European, or even occasional Canadian sellers with the same shipping price to Japan as the States. 

Such is the case with that Goodwin Champions card I showed recently. I forgot that I bought it from a British seller and had it shipped to me, so the original post showed the eBay image.
 And here it is in full 300 or 600 dpi glory. I forgot which resolution my scanner defaults to. But here it is! The pinhole is more noticeable in the scan than in reality, and I'm still worried about the light-blue copper-ish deposits on the back. But boy do Goodwin Champions cards look nice!

One reason I decided to repost this card was the inclusion of the seller's business card, if you can call it that.
This is No. 10? I'm curious what the other cards look like. The text on the back is quite humorous, too, if a bit blue-collared. I wonder if anyone's ever taken him up on his alligator castration services. This card is definitely a keeper, too!


  1. Orgies organized. This guy is about as diverse as an individual can get. Both of these cards are sweet.

    1. I gotta say, though, he's quite sure of himself.

  2. That guy may be "the most interesting man in the world." It's a really cool oddball. I love stuff like that. Maybe it should have had it's own post. Love the "real" card. Great colors.

    1. If I hadn't received the tattooer card, I wouldn't have bothered reposting the Goodwin!