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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

New Wrestling Autographs

No Hulk Hogan here, so don't get your hopes up.

What you will find, instead, are some of the new Japanese autographs I picked up at last weekend's card show. Because all I ever seem to get these days are Japanese cards... maybe that's because I live in Japan.

It makes sense, after all.

While I was primarily looking for 2018 autographs, I did get two cards from 2013's set for my mini-collection.
 First is Nagisa Nozaki, who essentially scribbled some circles for her autograph. I'm not really sure what she was going with in that signature. Nagisa has been in and out of wrestling since 2006, now with "Pro Wrestling Wave" promotional group.
 Next is Moeka Haruhi. She's been all over entertainment, also serving as a gravure idol, voice actress, and general celebrity. She too is with Pro Wrestling Wave, at least through last March.
 Moving on to the 2018 autographs, this is Azusa Christie. Or Christie Azusa, as she signed her name. Or Azusa Takigawa. Her Japanese Wikipedia page mentions that she was a cheerleader for the Chiba Lotte Marines, so there's a baseball connection here. Given her age, she probably doesn't have any baseball cards, but now she has wrestling cards, so it's all good.
 Here we have Mitsuru Konno. Despite her all-business expression here, it seems like she's more friendly most of the time. I doubt I'd like to get on her bad side, regardless. Apparently she has other things going on so she doesn't compete very often.
Let's end with Kaho Kobayashi, who hails from Kasukabe. That doesn't sound important, but it's very close to where I used to work and live, so she's a "hometown" girl. Like Larisa Oleynik (Santa Clara County) and Nick Markakis (Woodstock, GA).

Kobayashi's Wikipedia page is quite comprehensive, as I believe it lists every single event she has ever participated in. Seriously, that thing is detailed, at least through February 9 of this year. It looks like she is or was in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her entrance song is Johnny B. Goode; how cool is that?

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  1. Sweet signatures. Always a fan of the way Japanese athletes sign their cards.

    1. There's an interesting variety in the signatures here, too. I'm still waiting for the super-clear kanji autograph, though.