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Saturday, April 28, 2018

New Release: 2018 BBM Icons: Fanfare

This year's 2018 BBM Icons box set is titled Fanfare, and what that exactly means is a bit up for debate. My belief is it focuses on players who broke into professional baseball with great expectations, especially ones who were stars at the Koshien high school baseball tournament.

Each box comes with one 36-card base set, plus one special card. Retail price is 4000 yen, and only 3500 sets were produced.
The base cards aren't anything special, following the same basic concept BBM has used for this set since its inception. That said, I've been picking up a base Icons set every year from the beginning. Three players appear in the set for each team.
 The sticker autograph cards also have three players per team, and without really studying the checklist, I'd guess they perfectly overlap. Print runs range from 10 to 30 copies per player, and if I counted correctly, there are 530 autographs total.
 There are 18 Printed Autograph cards, with gold foil signatures. Each card is numbered to 90 copies. A parallel with holofoil is numbered to 45 copies. This makes 1620 gold foil and 810 holofoil cards.
Finally, there are six Die Cut cards featuring two or three players each. These are serial-numbered to 60 copies each, with a holofoil parallel numbered to 30 copies each. Total print run, 360 regular and 180 holofoil.

And my numbers add up - that's exactly 3500 special cards. Odds are you'll pull a gold facsimile signature card, followed by the holofoil signature, actual signature, and then die cuts. However, each autograph is more limited than any other card, with a few exceptions with the holofoil die cut parallel (six players have autograph cards #/30, the rest are less). 

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