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Friday, May 4, 2018

New Serial-Numbered Cards: The BBM Scheme

In my quest to accumulate type cards, I find myself sometimes getting lucky with single sellers offering lots of parallel inserts at good prices. This will give a bit of a clue as to how BBM is doing its insert parallels for team sets this year, at least.
 First, this isn't a parallel, but I now have a Printed Autographed Card from 2018 BBM Icons: Fanfare.
 Hopeful Teen, base insert card. Why did I get this? I thought I was getting a parallel. Oh well.
 Here is the #/90 parallel for Swallows Rising. These are identified as Gold Foilboard.
 #/75 Swallows Rising. The Holofoil version can best be called "Sparkle".
 #/75 Injected Power. Again, Sparkle design.
 Swallows Rising #/50. Given the similarity to a Bowman parallel, this is best called Cracked Ice. BBM calls this Gold Holofoil.
 Hopeful Teen #/50. Again, Cracked Ice.
 Bear Fruit #/50. Cracked Ice again.
And Injected Power #/50 is also a Cracked Ice style parallel.

While these are all Swallows parallels, looking at auctions for other parallels with the same name, it appears that BBM will use identical formulas for parallels this year. (Note that BBM does occasionally change things for a few teams; the Giants and Carp both usually deviate somewhat from the regular team set releases.)


  1. Oh no! Topps has infected BBM with the "parallel" virus.

    1. BBM goes back and forth when it comes to parallels. For quite some time BBM has been using various tiers of them, though it seems there are a few more this year than in recent years.