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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

New Release: 2018 Calbee Series 1

The first of three series of Calbee cards hit shelves last month, with the usual selection of base and insert cards.
As with recent years, the base set has 72 cards (#1-72). Calbee again decided to go with Japanese (kanji) names on the front.
Dora-Ichi is a 12-card insert set featuring the 2017 first-round draft picks.
The entire first series is catalogued in four Checklists.
Moving to premium inserts, three Legend cards highlight the careers of three recently-retired stars.
And the usual 24-card Starcard insert set rounds out the cards you can find in bags of chips. Starcard has a gold foil signature parallel, again as usual.

There are also Lucky Cards which can be redeemed for small albums. Once again, this is pretty standard for the past decade or so.
The first special set of the year is Average Leaders, with 12 cards highlighting each team's best hitter. These are available in special boxes which I've never seen.

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