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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Finally Answering the Question: What do you put in a snowboarder's relic card?

If you're making a card for the Real Venus set, it doesn't need to be a piece of snowboard.

When it comes to BBM's Real Venus set, there isn't much to expect. There's a base set and insert set, some parallels, and a few variations of autographed cards. Really, BBM doesn't do much with relics at all, which to me says that it's more expensive or difficult to make a relic card than an autograph card. I guess when all of your autographs are stickers, it's pretty simple, right?

In 2013, BBM did make a relic card for one of its Real Venus subjects. Karen Iwadore was the poster athlete for the set, and had some special cards made with her wearing various cute Christmas costumes.
 #FSM is a "Fuji Television Limited" card with a swatch of a felty plaid Santa dress. This card is serial numbered #060/200.
She also had a card in SCM Magazine, wearing a standard cute red Santa dress. This wasn't a relic.

If you're looking for more cards of Iwadore cosplaying as Ms. Claus, there's an autographed card #SA numbered to 30 copies. Relic cards of the red dress are also found in packs, serial numbered to 200 copies; also found in packs is a dual-relic card with both costumes #/20.

I guess the answer to "What do you put in a snowboarder's relic card?" is: a Santa costume. I don't think I want Shaun White's relic card.


  1. You could have put any relic in the card....she is still cute.

    1. Yeah, I think they could have put a wrapper from a fast food burger she ate and people would want the card just because she's cute.