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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New Release: 2018 BBM BayStars

The BayStars team set was released in mid-April, with the standard six cards per 400-yen pack, 20 packs per box, and 12 boxes per case. 
 Regular base cards have full-bleed images with a white bottom border containing the usual information over a star background. Backs are also standard for BBM. Cards carry a DB prefix, and regular cards are #1-69, with #DB69 being a mascot card.
 The first subset Quality Starters (#70-72) features the team's top three starting pitchers.
 Young Guns (#73-75) are younger players.
 Heart of the Order (#76-78) feature the team's sluggers.
 W Aces (#79-80) should be pronounced "Double Aces", as the W is usually used to mean double. These two cards are identified as combo cards by BBM.

Card #81 is a checklist with the team logo.

Nine regular player cards in the base set can be found with Gold Foil Signature parallels, #/100.

Moving on to regular inserts, there are 18 total spread over a few small sets. They have no specific interest or purpose, though some of the names may hint at the reasons why players were chosen for those sets. As always, they feature the same basic design: a cropped photo on the front of a foilboard card, while the back includes the background and not much beyond basic biographical data. All of the inserts come with three parallels:

  • Gold Foilboard #/90
  • Hologram Background #/75
  • Gold Foilboard Hologram Background #/50

 Catch-Up: four cards.
 Left-Handed Starters: five cards. (That's a lot of lefty starting pitchers.)
Blue Flame: nine cards. (Essentially the starting eight players plus manager.)

The BayStars team set includes a 15-card Phantom insert set, limited to 25 copies each.

The standard autographs can be found as seen in most of BBM's team sets:
Autographs #/75 or less
Combo Autographs (two cards, two players each) #/5
Silver Foilboard Autographs (nine cards) #/10 or #/5
Gold Foilboard Autographs (nine cards) 1/1

Cross Brand Autographs (three cards) #/15

Rookie Autographs (nine cards) #10, one player #/5

Finally, BBM issued a nine-card promo set for bookstores and stadium events. Stadium Event Promos include a Left Handed Starters four-player card #PR10, while Bookstore Promos included a Blue Flame parallel #PR11. These cards parallel the regular designs with color variation and separate numbering, #PR01-PR11. 


  1. How many inserts or autos do you get per box do you figure? I'm surprised that there are no silver or gold facsimile autos in the set. BBM has been doing a bunch of those recently.

    1. Actually, there are gold foil signatures for nine players. I just updated my post, as I had left it out accidentally.

      I'm not sure how many premium cards you get, but I would gather there are maybe 6-8 inserts per bos, and about one autograph per box. That's just speculation, as I've never actually opened one, and don't have the odds for BayStars.