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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Last Card: 2006 Lotte Pro Yakyu Seals

Lotte has its hands in a lot of things. At its heart a chocolate company, Lotte also has a chain of fast food restaurants in Korea and Japan and the most popular amusement park in Korea, called Lotte World. They own two baseball teams as well: the Giants in KBO and Marines in NPB. And I'm sure there's even more I've forgotten or just don't know about.

For collectors, Lotte is responsible for Bikkuriman, a very popular run of square-shaped stickers packaged with wafer candies. 

From 2006 to 2008, they played around with baseball stickers. In 2006, those came in two forms. One was a Bikkuriman set, featuring baseball players in Bikkuriman-style art. The other was a traditional card-sized sheet of stickers.

The Bikkuriman stickers would continue for three years, while the card-sized sticker sheets only lasted two years. Bikkuriman promotions occur occasionally still, but no full set has been issued since 2008.
I finally finished my 2006 sticker set, completing my run of all five sets. The last card I needed was this Kanemoto sheet, and I ended up buying a lot including this card out of desparation.

I'm certainly happy to cross this off my want list!

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