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Friday, August 1, 2014

State of the Blog Address: July

Another month has come and gone. It's time to review the horrors that are my goals for 2014.

1. 55% Japanese Type Collection. Well, I did a major overhaul/update of my lists. Hundreds of cards were added, most of which I probably won't get my hands on without some serious cash. That's okay; I'd rather have a complete list than a high percentage of a lie. And that list will grow still if I go back and add in the subset cards for all of BBM's base sets. It's a big drop, but I'm still over 50%. Actually, 50.01%. Goal rewritten: 55%. (Last Month: 61.07% of 65%)

1b. Finish Calbee (Type Collection): Series 2 has been released but that was easy to gather. However, the updating of my spreadsheets shows that there were several parallels missing in addition to the vintage subsets. I'm up to 49 needed. (Last month: 27 needed)

2. Continue Calbee posts: This is certainly on my mind, but these past couple months have been full of new purchases, especially with so many new releases. I think that's slowing down, but the card show report and updates to the card store posts are now filling my time. I still hope to have this up-to-date by the end of the year. (Last month: 1977)

2b. Start BBM posts: I've done really well with 2014. With the exception of a couple new issues that I just got last weekend, I'm up to date with the newest releases. My list overhaul was partially done with this goal in mind, and I've started gathering some subsets for this aspect. (As always, 0%)

2c. Make a Table of Contents: The card TOC needs a good day of work, but I put together a nice framework for Card Stores in Japan that'll be published soon. (Now 25%, last 5%)

3. Make new release posts on time: Again, moving right on pace! 100%! (Last month: ~100%)

3b. Preview/review 2014 MLB sets: I haven't done much with this. Bah. (22%)

4. Do something with the Zoo: Nothing yet. Still nothing. Never. Ever. (0%)

5. Finish the NPB Live Game Collection: I haven't attended any games recently. [This goal has been MET!] (100% in June.. until I attend another game)

5b. Start the MLB Live Game Collection: [This goal has been MET!] (100% in January)

6. Collect 2014 sets: I still want/need Topps flagship, Allen & Ginter, and Golden Age - the latter two might be purchased real soon. There's also Topps Update, Stadium Club and Donruss Series 2 to look forward to (anything else?). I have been building Goodwin Champions by hand through cheap purchases in Nagoya and the card show, so that's close to completion! Now: 38%  (Last month: 30%)

6b. Collect 2014 insert sets: There are a few 2014 insert sets in my want lists. I have decided not to chase any Golden Age inserts this year. I want the Natural Wonders insert from A&G, but I have the rest that I want. Currently: 35% (Last month: 20%)

7. Post more information about Japanese card shops: I posted a couple Nagoya store updates and Yokohama this month. Three stores out of over 100 listed in SCM isn't much, but it's a start. If I can get to 20 stores by the end of the year I'll consider this done. 15%. (Last month: 0%)

8. Post about NPB awards[Too many other posts going out!] Still at 0%.

January: 1/14.
February: 1/14.
March: 1/14.
April: skipped.
May: 1/14.
June: 2/14.
July: 2/14.

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