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Friday, August 8, 2014

New Release: 2014 BBM Giants

One of the last standard team sets to be released this year by BBM is for the Yomiuri Giants. The Dragons set was supposed to be issued last month, but that one won't hit shelves for a couple more weeks.

The Giants set is the largest team set (108 cards), and is a just a little different issue than other team issues.
 The fronts of the base cards are pretty nice, and BBM used horizontal layouts for a large number of them. It's a nice departure from the closeups that remove most of the action from the photos; Seddon's card shows the umpire in the background. The backs are standard BBM style, with a head shot, biographical stats, prior-year and career (NPB) stats, and some highlights. Card numbers carry a "G" prefix. I like that the base cards use separate head shots and front action images. Cards 1-80 are standard base cards.
 Card 81 is the checklist, and has all the mascots. I like the layout of this mascot card, although I really wish BBM would use something different sometime. Maybe next year they'll put stadiums on the checklists.
 Cards 82-86 are in the Giants Chemistry subset, a dual-player subset that seems to show players that share the same position but work well together. Card 83 has two catchers. Note that the images on the front and back are the same (just with and without the background).
 The next subset, Coming Giants, features players who are new to the team. There are no foreigners in this set, unlike similar subsets in other team issues. This subset has four cards (#97-90). Again, the images on the front and back are the same.
 The final subset is the long-running Giants Pride subset, covering cards 91-108. The Japanese text on the front says "iza". All of the photos show players doing some sort of preparation, such as stretching (seen here), standing around, or even sitting. The images invoke the idea that the players are mentally preparing themselves for the game, and since I've never really examined this subset in the past, it's a cool concept. I'm not sure how the subset's images have changed over time. Once again, BBM used the same photos on the front and back.

The following parallels for the base set appear: a foil-signed parallel for cards 1-80 (#/100), and gold (#/200) and hologram (#/100) foil board parallels for Giants Pride.
 Succeed to Giants is the standard insert found in packs. I wish BBM would try something other than the standard foil-coated fronts, because the design here is pretty nice. There are nine cards in the set.

Succeed To Giants has a parallel limited to 100 copies.
Super Metallic Giants is a second insert set that's been issued in Giants team sets for several years now. These are extremely limited (possibly printed/serial-numbered to the players' jersey numbers) and I'm not sure I've ever seen one in person. They tend to be valued around $50-200 each; it appears that the black parallel is 1/1. Super Metallic Giants might be received via redemption cards.
It appears that there are three memorabilia cards in the set, including one dual-memorablia card.
BBM has issued nine-card Limited Edition promo sets for all of the team sets this year. The Giants Limited Edition is identified by the text across the top of the front of the card, a tinted background on the front, and "PR" prefix on the card number instead of "G".

The Giants release almost never includes autographs, and this year is no different. But at first glance, the base set might be the best team issue base set this year.


  1. I've been very tempted to pick this set up, despite the fact it's the Giants. The set is really nice looking.

    So are the Super Metallic Giants all OB players? Do any OB players show up in the base set?

  2. I like the look of the set, but it is only Giants. Those horizontal cards really help. I haven't seen a checklist for this year's set. You might be faster at translating names in the older checklists but this year's composition could be different for the 80th anniversary.