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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2008 Yomiuri Giants Players Day Cards

I was poking around Akihabara recently and came across a couple baseball cards from a Yomiuri Giants giveaway from 2008. I've seen these before and I have one in my collection already, but they're very attractive and these two were inexpensive.
 The cards come in a large holder with a photo of the player.
Inside is a facsimile signature and the card itself, similar to the way collectible phone cards are sold here.
 The fronts have a holographic foil of sorts that looks very nice; backs include the usual details. You can see that the date of the Seung Youp Lee event was May 25, 2008.
 Here is Yoshitomo Tani's card. I'm not sure exactly how one gets these cards.
Tani's Players Day was on June 8th. I'm assuming that they are given away at the gate to a certain number of fans; it could be that all fans who attend the game that day get a card. This year's Players Day events were spread out over nine dates, though two of those dates included two players. It looks like the two players shared a card.

I can't verify the 2008 events, but the 2014 sets have print runs of 40,000 cards, and it looks like they were given out to the first 40,000 attendees. The 2014 dates included special jerseys and "sheets" on sale; the sheets look like decent-sized banners and should be pretty big for the nearly $40 price tag they carry.


  1. I just received the '08 and '09 Lee Seung-Yeops in the mail. Gonna send to PSA for grading but unfortunately these cards are damaged due to the cool packaging postcard.

    I want to try and find all the players day cards so I can create a checklist on TCDB. Do you know of others? I know Lee has a 2007 card as well (7/25/07). I'm only concerned about making CLs for years Lee has a card (07-09 that I know of).

  2. I suspect, like you, they were given away at games. The jersey number, for at least these two players, is the day they had their Players Day. All three of Lee's cards I know about were on the 25th of a month, his jersey number with the Giants.

  3. I don't have any checklists for cards, but I did find the following.

    2011 Players Day:
    5/11 阿部慎之助デー ● ケガ抹消中
    5/12 内海哲也デー  ○ 登板なし
    5/23 長野久義デー  ● 4打数1安打
    5/25 A.ラミレスデー ● 4打数1安打
    5/26 高橋由伸デー  ● ケガ抹消中
    6/6 坂本勇人デー  ● 5打数0安打
    6/30 松本哲也デー  △ 抹消中
    7/1 小笠原道大デー ● 4打数1安打
    7/8 澤村拓一デー  ○ 登板なし

    2010 Players Day:
    4/23 阿部慎之助デー ○ 4打数1安打
    5/12 A.ラミレスデー ● 3打数0安打
    5/13 亀井義行デー  ○ 抹消中
    5/24 松本哲也デー  ○ ケガ抹消中
    5/26 内海・東野デー ● 登板なし
    5/27 坂本勇人デー  ○ 4打数1安打
    6/7 越智・山口デー ○ 越智登板、1回1安打1四球1三振無失点
    6/18 長野久義デー  ○ 3打数1安打
    6/25 小笠原道大デー ○ ケガ出場なし



    The player and their results of the game are on each line for 2011 and 2010. Google Translate will help anyone interested there...

    The 2017 list is as follows:
    4月11日(火) 長野久義
    4月12日(水) 阿部慎之助
    4月13日(木) 菅野智之
    5月 9日(火) 小林誠司
    5月10日(水) 坂本勇人
    6月13日(火) 陽岱鋼
    6月14日(水) 村田修一
    6月16日(金) 内海哲也

    I'm not sure if this is comprehensive for 2010, 2011, and even 2017, but it gives you an idea. The 2008, 2009 lists are just a couple names (definitely incomplete) and I don't have anything yet for 2012-2016. With some more free time I could probably figure this out over a weekend.

  4. 2009 Yomiuri Giants Players Day Cards

  5. This is the incomplete list I have for the 2008 Players Day set. I got these names by seeing their own cards sold separately. I believe there should be 12 in this set, like the 2009, so I think I'm missing four cards.

    2 Michihiro Ogasawara
    5 Alex Ramirez
    7 Tomohiro Nioka
    8 Yoshitomo Tani
    10 Shinnosuke Abe
    24 Yoshinobu Takahashi
    25 Seung-Yeop Lee
    88 Tatsunori Hara