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Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Release: 2014 Epoch JBPA 20th Anniversary

Yesterday I posted the base cards from Epoch's latest release, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the JBPA (Japan Baseball Promotion Association). Box sets included the full base set, two parallels, and one autograph for a suggested price of 9800 yen ($98).

My scanner doesn't do well with black borders, so the cards aren't cropped right. Sorry.
The base set has 39 cards, and they're all black bordered with a brick pattern. Fronts generally have action shots, and the photo is repeated on the back. Career highlights and statistic totals are arranged on the back next to and below the rear photo. Players who received honors and awards during their career also have those mentioned.
 There are three parallels. The most common is numbered out of 28. It has a holographic coating.
The second parallel is numbered to 10; fronts have blue foil printing including a foil stamp above the player's name. Again, the holographic coating is used.

The last parallel is a 1-of-1 parallel, though I haven't seen any of these yet.

There are two styles of autographs, with 37 different cards in each set. All of the cards can be seen below with print runs. The horizontal blue cards are generally more common than the vertical red autographs.

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