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Friday, August 15, 2014

New Release: 2014 BBM Dancing Heroine Mai

The second series of cheerleading cards came out at the end of July, as usual titled "Mai". The design is the same as Hana, but there are 95 cards in this set. I haven't compared checklists to see if any of the dancers show up in both series.
 Here are the base cards. Like Hana, some teams show the women in street clothes on the back, while others use a different cheerleading costume.
The entire set has a cracked-ice style holographic coating parallel.
Of course, the autographs are back, and it looks like all 95 subjects signed 60 cards each, for a total of 5700 autographs in the product. I still haven't bought one for myself, but that could change soon.


  1. I think so too! Are you interested in a set? If I can still find one (Mai or Hana) it'll be $30... not cheap.