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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pop Idols of the Week: Momoiro Clover Z

 I never really look at the card aisle at Don Quixote. I might have glanced once or twice, but they basically carry CCG cards and some overpriced Kara packs. But I actually took a good look last week while doing some shopping and found a ten-pack taba of bromides for about 100 yen. At 10 yen (10 cents) per card plus the free one on the front of the pack, I figured it was a good enough deal to buy.
 Inside the cardboard hanging box are little envelopes. This is how bromides, stickers, and other card-like products were and still are distributed today; you simply rip off the number of envelopes you'd like to buy right out off the hanging pack. Usually, the envelopes are a plain solid color. The number of cards inside can vary by product, but usually you'll find only one per pack.
 Here's that card from the front of the pack, freed from its plastic prison. I scanned the back as well; most bromides are blank-backed but this set is released by Ensky and is fully licensed so they carry more detail and are of a higher quality.

Let's see what was inside, shall we:

The last card is a blank-backed rare card that might be a sticker. I think the theme of this release was vintage; I don't know anything about this pop group so it could be their usual style but it looks like they were trying to do an homage to pop stars from prior generations. It's a really fun set, and if I find any more 100 yen packs I'll be buying them to try to build a set. There are 86 regular cards and 10 rare cards in all, so I'd need 10 boxes if I got perfect collation.


  1. One of the things my students and I do at the end of the school year is take end of the year photos. I'm always looking for ideas for crazy poses. Might have to steal some of these ladies' ideas.

  2. Some of the photos I see on idol cards are quite interesting. There are plenty of interesting shots, though many have been repeated in future releases. Props seem to be a big theme too. And there's always the option of choosing a unique location.