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Monday, August 11, 2014

New Release: 2014 Lions Signature Edition (Frontier/Front Runner Cards)

The latest super-premium box set to be released by Frontier (AKA Front Runner Cards) in Japan is dedicated to the Lions. Each box comes with a complete set as always, plus two autographed cards. Retail price per box is over 10,000 yen ($100). 
 There are two types of cards in the 20-card base set; the first 17 cards are regular player cards. They have a dark blue background with a silver-blue stylized S (for Seibu) behind the cropped photo. Blue facsimile autographs are on the front of all of the cards. The set name is identified on the front on the bottom border. Backs use the same photo as the front with the original background included and some basic biographical statistics.
The remaining three cards are rookies with a lighter blue background and a rookie designation in the lower-right corner. Note that the Lions logo at the top appears at the left or right depending on the photo chosen, though left is the default.
 There are several autographed sets in the product, and print runs seem to be limited to around 30 copies per card. Rakuten's sales page states that there are 49 different cards in all. All 20 base cards have autograph parallels. Four rookies also have Top Prospect Signatures, with three of those also having Red Hot Signature cards signed in red ink.
Twelve players appear in the Authentic Signatures set. And there's a nine-card Rookies & Young Stars Updated Signatures set as well. Finally, a Historic Moments Signature card was included for Takayuki Kishi's no-hitter earlier this year.

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