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Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Release: 2013 BBM Yakult Swallows

 The Swallows team set was released by BBM in July. Fronts use full-bleed photos and a simple but attractive design at the bottom with the player's name, jersey number, and position.
The backs have a mug shot, statistics, bio data and a write-up. All cards in this issue has [SWALLOWS] on the copyright line. There are 99 cards in the base set: 74 regular cards, a checklist, and a few subsets including a six-card puzzle set.

A regular foil-backed parallel set was issued. These are identical except for the foil background on the front. The backs are not serial-numbered.

It's possible that a serial-numbered parallel was also issued, though I haven't found evidence to show it exists yet.
 The lone insert set found in the Swallows team issue is Just For Win, with a strange red-orange background on foilboard.
Just For Win has nine cards in the set. The back shows the same picture as the front, revealing the background of the photo. As you can see, this photo was taken during warm-ups or practice.

The cross-brand Cross Wind insert set seems to have three cards limited to 50 copies each in this set.

Three memorabilia cards were issued - two singles (Balentin and Milledge) and a dual-swatch card.

Multiple autograph cards were released: regular autographs (I count 71 different cards, up to 115 copies each), a first draft pick card (15 copies), dual autographs (3 cards, 5 copies each), limited star autographs (9 cards, 15 copies each), and cross-brand "Cross Signing" cards (3 cards, up to 20 copies each).

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